Mini Grand Prix


The Pista Azzurra can be rented by a group of friends to organize a match between them.
Here are some types of challenge:

GRAND PRIX HAPPY VALLEY - Cost per person: 50 €
(Minimum 10 participants, all adults)
• 10 minutes of timed laps
• 1st Manche: 10 laps, starting from the basis of the trials
• 2nd Manche: 10 laps with departure respect to the arrival of the first Manche.
Duration of the challenge: 40 minutes.

MINI GRAND PRIX - Cost per person: 35 €
(Minimum 10 participants, all adults)
• 12 minutes of timed laps
• 10 laps manche with departure on the basis of trials.
Duration of the challenge: 28 minutes.

  ATTENCTION!   Pista Azzurra doesn't cooperate with activities that provide smartbox
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